This is exactly how parents of a left hander should react. Read on…..


Mid afternoon I get a call from pre-primary school, asking to meet them personally before the school gets over. With lots of worries I went.

I was waiting to hear some complaints but some unusual words hit my ears. I was shocked.

Teacher: Malvika is left handed writer?

Me: So what’s the matter? What has she done? (I uttered with a deep sigh.)

Teacher: You must make her write with the right hand instead of left. Otherwise she will be in a big trouble. Too much pressure will fall on her heart. She will be slow, won’t be able to complete her day to day activities. Do you understand?


I went numb, couldn’t think anything beyond.

I observed Malvika , day and night for 8 days, from all dimensions critically. Later with the discussion, with my in-laws they said…It’s OK. Why to worry? Even her dadaji (Grad Father) is left handed, and he is doing fantastic.

I was a little relieved then.

Then came the second call of her teacher, in fact this time the principal wanted to meet us. With a lot of Concern and care they were explaining us about her left handed “Problem”.

I said, “Mam let her be on her own. It’s by birth, inherited and I think we shouldn’t interfere. Whatever side effects or ill effects we’ll take responsibility of it. Thanks for your concern.”

I think that was our first bold decision towards our parenting. We kept observing her and allowed her to perform as she feels comfortable. No pressure. We played a lot of games, tearing newspapers, puzzles, worksheets etc…

She does half of her activities with her right and until 11yrs of age, she also wrote with her right and left both.

There are so many myths regarding a lefty! But it’s all in a positive direction for us now. We are proud parents of a left hander.


By: Dr Bharati Mehta (Psychologist)

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