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1 ergonomic pen that allows left-handed people to see what they write. This is one pen especially designed for left hand use, you can not find a better pen at this value.

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What make's it left handed

Why a pen should be different for left hander? Well……, let me explain. Have you noticed that most of left handers have a hooked hand posture while writing? (see the picture below this para) They push the pen into the paper, pen moves ahead of their hand (You also write the same way?).

Do you know why they do it like that? When a left hander writes, their hand comes between the writing and the line of sight, and to have a clear view they use the hooked posture so that they can see what they are writing. It is not the same with right handers as their pen follows their hand movement.


This hooked movement is not healthy in the long run and it also affect the speed of writing, some kids loose speed of writing (My son faced the same issue).

So, a pen that can help a left hander have a clear view of writing without using a hooked posture can be of great help.


Second problem that is faced by left handers is smudging on their hands (hand follows the pen movement, Remember? And that inks their hands).

If a pen has a special quick dry ink that can dry within a second, can help avoid smudging and can keep both hand and hand-writing clean.

We have both types of pens, specially designed ergonomic pens sourced from Maped (A France based company, known for its innovative products) for correct left hand posture (Please remember, handwriting position is just as important as a well-designed pen, pen alone can’t do the magic) and quick dry pens to avoid smudging.


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