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WriteSmart ClipBoard for Left handers is specially designed for correct posture for left handed writer. The design is based on lot of research and development.

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What Makes It Left Handed

This specially designed clipboard is of great help for kids in Kindergarten and the ones working on their handwriting, as it help them learn the correct way of positioning the paper and writing pads. It can help the young kids as well for correcting their current posture.

You can see the illustration of MyLeft WriteSmart Clip Board (above), the attached flap guides the correct positioning of the board against the desk or table line (keep its tapered line parallel to the desk or table you are sitting on while writing), the arrow guides the positioning of board as against body of the writer (Keep the arrow infront of center of your body line). Clip the notepad or paper on the board. Grip your pen or pencil correctly. Keep hand under the line that you are writing on, and start writing. These instructions are provided on the MyLeft WriteSmart Clip Board, so don’t bother remembering these.


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