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Scissors for young kids, Reversed blades for frustration free cutting for left handers. No more discomfort or making special effort to cut any paper. This scissors will work perfectly in your left hand.

No more running from craft time, you will love cutting any shape or pattern with this scissors.

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What Makes It Left Handed

For scissors to work perfectly, fingers and thumb need to push the blades together laterally, creating the shearing action essential to scissors’ utility. With a right handed scissors in the left hand, fingers and thumb tend to force right handed blades apart, so that, rather than being sheared, the material is merely hacked, as by a knife, or slips between the blades uncut. Lefthanders using right handed scissors will often try to compensate by forcing the handles apart laterally, causing discomfort or injury to the thumb.

In left handed scissors, the blades are completely reversed and are set so that the left blade is always on top and cutting action of left hander pushes the blades together. This design gives a clear view along the cutting line to a left hander.

As you may be used to your adapted way of using right handed scissors, when you get this left handed scissor, it may feel uncomfortable for some time (Any change is uncomfortable…for few days atleast). Don’t worry, Just hold the scissors straight and naturally and do not try to twist the blades. Try it with your natural movement, after a short time, you will be completely comfortable with your new scissors and wonder how you put up with mis-using right-handed scissors for so long!


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