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Geometry Tools designed for Natural Left hand Movement, Ruler has measures starting at zero on the right side, so that Left handers can make measured lines easily in their natural hand movement while pulling the pencil or pen.

Suitable for students of class 6th and above and professional. These are bigger that normal sets you find in standard geometries. We have a specially designed case for these sets if you want to buy that as well!

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What Makes It Left Handed

You would agree with me that pulling something is easier than pushing. Same goes with the hand movements while drawing mathematical figures. While making a precise 5 cm line on a piece of paper, or while measuring and angle with protractor. Right handers pull it from zero to five easily using the standard scale, however, a left hander adapt to pulling it from Five to Zero and that too in uncomfortable movement. We have mathematical tools that are designed keeping in mind the natural hand movement of left handers (Reversed Measurements, for natural Left hand Movement). These may make the mathematical drawing easier for you.


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