There are lot of misconception in the society as far as handedness is concerned. This article will help you be more aware and more accepting.



“Hey! Wait, wait! Don’t cross the road; didn’t you see that big fat black cat cross the road?” And the two of them waited forever for someone else to take the bait instead!

“Son, don’t leave the house now that you’ve sneezed thrice! Wait for another one else you might get hurt on the road.” Poor guy waited forever poking feathers and leaves into his nostril to pull out that last sneeze which was now standing between him and his freedom from the horrible aunts’ house.

“Don’t pay me with your left hand (frowning)! Change it and use your right hand instead.”- cried the shopkeeper. Poor child was left bewildered and embarrassed with the incoming snarl in front of rest of the customers, innocently thinking “How would I know – I’m left handed.”

These are three of the most common superstitions we hear in our daily lives and include about a 100 more in that list. And as we’re going to talk about southpaws, let’s use the third example. Examples such as these are what will eventually force that child to glorify right handers to a point that he would go on change his children’s natural left handedness and probably his own. And why because someone in the past started using his left hand to clean the “what not’s” in the Indian toilet? Our concern isn’t the guy who created this fallacy but to spread awareness and allay this ignorance. Wouldn’t correct hygiene habits get us rid of all the dogma? Hygiene, and thus cleanliness, is important, for cleanliness is a way to the God. Wash your hands with soap each time you use the loo.

But don’t let someone else’s habits be the reason why you change YOUR child’s natural inclination to use his left hand more than his right hand. In this day and age, ambidexterity is respected highly for it is rare and a child that can manage tasks using both his hands equally is considered to be better equipped to handle his coming life. Don’t rob him of the use of his preferred hands and simply let him decide. Had some of the famous southpaws been scorned for using their left hand, we wouldn’t have witnessed those Amitabh fight scenes that we whistled on, or Yuvraj’s 6 sixes in an over, or that first over hat-trick by Irfan Pathan against Pakistan.

So before you ask your child not to perform with his left hand, remember that the all of us were created in God’s image of a perfect child. He only asks you to be in gratitude for the gifts he has rendered to you and a left hand is one of them!

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